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03-19-2012, 12:31 AM
About a year ago, I moved in with my girlfriend, and there wasn't room for all my schtuff, so most of my ukuleles went into storage in the loft of her parents' garage. During the last year, the temperature has risen to a very humid 30oC, and dropped to a very dry -20oC. There have been times I have worried about my babies. I have had visions (short-lived -- I have been too busy soaking up the cohabitational bliss) of frozen glue joints, pulled bridges, loose bracings, split spruce tops, and more general misery. I have contemplated the possibility of opening up my boxes to find piles of nicely-finished kindling rattling around.

We moved again a couple of weeks ago, and now have more space. My (now) wife wants to display my ukuleles and guitars on the walls.

This last weekend, I have been able to get at my musical instruments again. The first one I rescued is my Clearwater Vita. I brought it in from the cold on Saturday. I know it's wise to let the ukulele acclimatise for a few hours first, but I had to know how the thing had fared in the last year, so I opened it up immediately...

No issues whatsoever. The damn thing was still in tune.


03-19-2012, 02:17 AM
Hehehe. That is actually cool. The staying in tune part that is. The other things I recognize. I'm quit familiar with the ups and downs of moving in together. But I made it a point that I just cannot stop playing guitar - and since this year ukulele. It's just not healthy for me not to play. That's how I got my guitars in the middle of our home. Now we moved and I have the attic as my personal cave. Lots of room for me, my instruments and my books.

03-19-2012, 03:32 AM
Good for you! Hope the rest fare as well.

If you do hang them on a wall, I suggest you invest in a room humidifier. I bought an 8 gallon moist air for under $100 and I always know my ukes are in a 60% humidity environment... and sleep well at night because of it. ;-)