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Tommy B
03-20-2012, 05:48 PM

Sorry, everyone ... I just picked up the uke for the first time in a long time to give it a pre-sale going-over ... and then I started playing it ... and then -- stop me if you've heard this story -- I just couldn't sell it! So it's staying put.

I'll be selling a lot of stringed instruments soon, as I've decided to focus on a small core of my collection.

This is my all-time favorite soprano ukulele. It's a circa-1940s vintage Martin that was originally sold by Bergstrom Kellerman Music in the Territory of Hawaii. This is indicated on the headstock sticker, which reads: "Honolulu, T.H." I bought this ukulele off eBay nearly 10 years ago from a seller in Hawaii.

As you can see from the photos, this uke has long lost its showroom shine. It has dings, heavy strum wear, and some loosening of the finish on the headstock and flaking around the butt seam. All of this dates from the uke's first life; I baby my instruments.

But the uke has NO cracks or repairs, and it is all original, including the tuners and bridge. The bridge has never been reglued. The braces are all solid. The neck is straight. The action is terrific, and the voice is pure vintage Martin gold. I've owned hundreds (400+) ukes, including many vintage Martin sopranos. Many of them looked better than this, but none sounded better. This is a true player's uke, and it's got mojo/mana in spades.

Thanks -- Tom

Tommy B
03-21-2012, 05:12 AM
Sorry for the mixed signals!