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Tommy B
03-20-2012, 06:47 PM
This isn't an ukulele, but as it's a smaller-sized guitar (not to mention incredibly cool), I thought it might appeal to some of the UUers.

This is a Gretsch Americana guitar featuring the "Sundown Serenade" motif. The Americana series was a short-lived set of four 3/4-size steel-string parlor guitars that featured cartoonish graphics of the Old West. Despite being made of all laminate, these guitars quickly got a reputation as fun little blues boxes. To add to their appeal (and collectibility) each guitar came in a cardboard box "case" that featured vintage-style comic-book graphics. It was as if the guitar had been purchased from the back of an Action comic book in 1950!

To get an idea of how these sound, do a search on Youtube for "Gretsch Americana." Here's one: http://youtu.be/PO4f5jlvmzo

Here are photos of the actual guitar, along with its cardboard "case" and Gretsch shipping box. The guitar has one ding along the back edge. I've pictured this. Other than that and probably needing new strings, it's in great shape. The neck is straight, action is good, and the fun is neverending.


I'm asking $90 plus actual shipping & insurance. Payment by check, money order or PayPal. If using Paypal, I'll split the fees with the buyer. Questions? Please PM me. Thanks.

03-21-2012, 04:51 AM
These are great little guitars! I bought this exact model for my son a few years ago. A friend of mine, who's an accomplished blues guitarist, picks it up every time he comes over and can't put it down.

Tommy B
03-21-2012, 05:28 AM
Thanks for the endorsement, Ernie. Tell your friend to stop borrowing your son's guitar and buy mine instead!:D

03-30-2012, 03:34 AM
Hello Tom,
I don't know hoy to write you privately trhough here..

03-30-2012, 03:34 AM
By the way! This is Tamara..

03-30-2012, 05:03 AM
Tamara- if you click on his name "Tommy B", several options should appear, one of which is "private message".

04-01-2012, 09:34 PM
Thank you Ernie, it really doesn't matter anymore.. He doesn't want to sell me the guitar, because I'm in Spain and he thinks I want to cheat him..

Tommy B
04-02-2012, 04:03 AM
tdlcc, as I explained to you, PayPal has advised me that there is a high degree of risk in shipping a guitar overseas, and that the risk falls completely on the seller. The PayPal agent advised me that if the guitar were damaged, stolen, misdelivered ... or reported as such ... they would take the money from my account and refund it to you. In the words of the PayPal agent I spoke to, I "would lose the money and guitar." Frankly, that's not a risk I'm comfortable taking. Securing a guitar for trans-Atlantic shipping isn't like packing an ukulele. The risk of neck breakage is greater. Also, in this case, the box itself is part of the instrument's collectibility, and the high risk of damage to the box worries me. That is why I did not want to go through with the transaction.

04-02-2012, 04:11 AM
tdlcc- I've known Tommy B for many years. He's as upstanding and gracious a guy as I've ever met, and I fully understand his apprehensions about this transaction.
Trying to undermine him to an on-line community in which he's well established- and and to which you've only registered days ago- isn't going to ingratiate you to anybody, or garner much sympathy for your position.

Tommy B
04-02-2012, 05:25 AM
Thanks, Ernie.

04-03-2012, 04:54 AM
First of all, I´m not trying to undermine anybody, I´m sure Tommy is a great guy. I´m also a great person too. I just wanted to say and I said that he didn´t want to send me the guitar ´cause I live in Madrid, and that´s true. The risk wasn´t only for him, I could also loose my money and the guitar. That´s why y told him I´ll pay him the guitar and the I´d take care of the shipping by myself, so he wasn´t responsible for anything..
Anyways, I understand he doesn´t want to go on with the transaction. I won´t explain my personal reasons why I want this guitar so bad. Of course I wish I could buy it at a shop 5 minutes from my home, but it´s not so easy..
Tommy, you are a great person, hope you sell the guitar.
Ernie, thanks for the info.

Kind regards for you both,

Tommy B
04-03-2012, 12:07 PM
tdlcc, I'm sorry I couldn't help you. I hope you get your guitar. Closing this thread now.