View Full Version : In case you thought I was a stick in the mud...

Pete Howlett
10-10-2008, 07:59 AM
I used to build all sorts of guitars - only three people have one of these: myself, my son and someone in California...


10-10-2008, 08:22 AM
Sweet! Duly noted. :D

10-10-2008, 08:29 AM
WOW this is awesome.. I'd like to hear/see that play!!

Pete Howlett
10-10-2008, 08:33 AM
I'll do a vid next week for y'all....

10-10-2008, 11:34 AM
That's a wild lookin thing for sure! Reminds me of a thing I saw Michael Manring play. Mind boggling.

And there's surely nothing wrong with traditionalists either. I admit I'm a fan of the guitar-ish modern Ukes, plus they're what I can get hold of, but I do appreciate the sound of a real Ukulele sounding Uke also.

Daniel Davis
10-10-2008, 12:04 PM
That looks crazy! Post a video!
I bet it feels really weird to have the sound resonatiing from about the strings, hah

10-10-2008, 12:33 PM
not quite a harp guitar more like the "artist" formerly known as "Prince" turned symbol!!

anyways just thought Id share my favourite song on a harp guitar by Andy Mckee (i lurve him)


Pete Howlett
10-10-2008, 12:44 PM
You will find this here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTC7kPZZmuM)much superior in it's composition and exposition. You can see where Andy gets his ideas from:nana:

Michael was the first guy to do all this slap and harmonic hammer-on stuff that others play sends me to sleep. Within his compositions you can feel the classical training and his work is always challenging and a true exploration of the potential of the instrument in his hands whether it be harp guitar, guitar, flute...

Another star of this instrument is Muriel Anderson (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELRGB9ghOas)

Sorry to be a fascist but I find many modern acoustic guitarist either play for effect or despite being technically brilliant have very poor composition skills. I suffer this because a lack of classical training... it's why I prefer James Hill to Jake Shimabukuro - both fantastic players but whereas James moves outside the boundaries Jake seems to have a formula that he doesn't depart from. Not my cup of tea though probably worshipped as a demi god here I suspect :music:

10-10-2008, 05:56 PM
AH Hedges! It was Michael Hedges I was thinking of.... Brilliant stuff. Thanks for that clip link.