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04-01-2012, 05:34 AM
I'm not to sure if this is the right section to announce this and if it is'nt, I'm sure a nice mod will shift it :D

Anyway, we have started a brand new uke club in Sedgley, halfway between Wolverhampton and Dudley, in the West Midlands, UK.

We will be meeting on a Thursday evening around 7 - 7.30 and finishing around 10 - 10.30pm. Right at this moment we don't know if it will be a weekly thrash, or fortnightly or monthly...but if anyone is interested in coming along and having a bit of fun singing songs from the 40's right through to the 2000's, please have a look at our hurriedly thrown together website at http://ukulelemad.webs.com/ for more info :D


04-03-2012, 10:40 PM
Just to let anyone interest in coming know that the opening night of the new club will be on Thursday 12th April at around 7.30pm.
Any wooden uke player is welcome to attend and anyone interested in learning how to play, totally free, please let me know so I can gauge any interest...sorry...no banjo's or banjoleles...TOO loud and raucus :D

04-04-2012, 01:10 AM
Good luck with the new club! Not near enough to me, sadly..... I've found a very local group, charging 5 per session. I might trundle along one afternoon to see what it;s like. Just not been convenient up to now.

04-05-2012, 04:38 AM
Thanks for that BFG, shame we're not a little closer to you, but from the reaction we've had so far, there might be a few there. I have also asked the Express & Star if they will do a little piece and they have assured me they will, they thrive on items of local and community interest.

03-03-2014, 04:26 AM

I hope I am posting in a good place here; I am a local music tutor, who is hoping to start up a local ukulele group.

This would not be lessons as such (for beginners I will offer one to ones first, prior to this group commences) but an opportunity for players to get together and focus on learning a repertoire which is varied in genre/style and theme over a short course initially.

If you are interested let me know, location I am still toying with but could presently be in either Stourbridge or Birmingham. (This can be amended).

The group would be low cost if enough interest is generated, and I am really keen to get this up and running!


Hannah Fieldhouse