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04-04-2012, 05:50 AM
Oh, Mya-Moe. Yes. My build has begun! This will be a good one ;););)

Mya Moe build log (http://www.myamoeukuleles.com/uketracker.php?trackingNumber=667&submit=Track)

Im honestly kind of upset I didn't place my order just slightly earlier. I really would have liked ukulele #666! I also have a brazilian and sinker redwood tenor on order that will be ready in september. Ill likely only be keeping one of them, I just really wanted to be able to make a tone comparison of the different wood combos before I decided which to keep. So stoked!

04-04-2012, 06:31 AM
That's cool how you can watch the building of the uke online ...I hadn't seen that before but then again I don't have the resources to warrent hanging out in custom builders sites. Enjoy the creation of your new uke!

04-04-2012, 07:02 AM
wowzer! and a slothead to boot. How do you get the mya/moe logo on the slothead?

I will enjoy watch it's progress

04-19-2012, 07:54 AM
Almost done! Man, this uke tracker thing is crazy cool. I'll probably be listing this for sale once I get it, sadly enough. I just find myself liking other tone woods besides koa better these days so someone is going to score a sick mya moe with zero wait time. Maybe Ill change my mind once it is in my hands though, who knows.

04-19-2012, 08:30 AM
Congratulations (even if you're going to sell it)! The sapwood streak on the back of that uke is really cool! I scored #669 (http://www.myamoeukuleles.com/uketracker.php?trackingNumber=669&submit=track)and, frankly, I was glad it wasn't 666, since I'm already having a devil of a time justifying the expense [insert laugh track here]. Has Char already set aside the wood set for your next uke? If so, do you have pics?

04-19-2012, 11:00 AM
That's a beautiful looking ukulele - I'd have a devil of a time giving it up - even if it is 667. I checked to see if there was a 666 or whether that number was skipped (like row 13 on an airplane) but Mya-Moe #666 does exist.

04-19-2012, 11:30 AM
Wait till you get it. The sound may astound you. What I've learned is that the luthier can manipulate the sound since there are many different factors when building the top. A inexperienced luthier can make the most gorgeous sinker Redwood sound like a cat hacking. And a seasoned luthier can make the most unfavorable woods sing. If Gordon is a great luthier, you'll get a mean sounding ukulele. But I understand how over time tastes change, especially when your waiting over 6 months. Also the look is interesting and I can understand if you don't like the finished look, (you really can't tell the bling factor until the first coats of finish go on:)) Hopefully we can get a closer look when you get it. I'm just glad to be getting my new custom tenor next week:) It's gonna be bonkers...

04-19-2012, 01:57 PM
Seems to me that it well be an exceptional ukulele! A real beauty.

04-19-2012, 02:52 PM
That is very very cool! I was messing around on the website last night kinda figuring out what kind of tenor I might order and yours is actually similar to what I would get in a number of ways. I really like the ebony body and fingerboard binding - simple yet elegant and refined - and the matching headstock wood would be a choice I would make as well. Only differences would be I would probably go for the solid headstock and opt for the 1.5 nut width. Still, that is a most impressive looking uke. Congrats.

Dan Uke
04-19-2012, 02:53 PM
Is extra bracing needed?

04-19-2012, 03:33 PM
I just saw you are getting a Sinker top, with Brazilian. Boy you got some expensive taste:) Hmmmmm! Which one???????? Honestly I'd nab the sinker and rosewood. There will always be amazing koa ukulele. But one like that will be harder and harder to find. Both varieties now illegal to harvest. Old growth redwood I mean. I'm actually getting an uke from Rick T. It's got salvaged Redwood top, with Coco back and sides. Wow, my friend, you really have a tough decision.