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04-22-2012, 11:37 PM
Aloha everyone! Here's a thread update.

1. Favorite string set/material

2. Why?

3. Low G or high G

4. On what ukulele

Mahalo everyone!

04-23-2012, 06:13 AM
Although i have been a big fan of Aquila strings over the last few years,......lately i've been happier with Martin M600 Fluorocarbon strings on 2 of my ukes. (A Moore Bettah Soprano that came with the Martin M600 set and a Tony Graziano Concert) This is a Hi G set.

However, that was NOT the case with the "original" packaging of the set. I now buy TWO sets and replace the 1st (A) string with the slightly thicker 4th (G) string from the 2nd set. The slight extra tension is JUST what this set needs to get away from the flimsy feel to the set. That A string as it comes in the set just doesn't make the cut for me, and the overall feel of the altered set feels much more balanced in overall feel.

What i like about this "set" (as i've done) is the clarity and sustain of the strings. The strings just ring out wonderfully, and fingerstyle picking affords nice separation of the notes that sustain quite a bit more than Aquilas if you need them to.
The longer concert scale Graziano uke especially i've noticed i can slide strings and have them sustain when they arrive at the end of the slide for quite awhile!

If someone knows where i might pick up several of just the (4th) G string from this set,......let me know. I wrote to Martin several weeks ago,....but have not heard back as of yet. I haven't seen them listed online anywhere in a search either, so i suspect Martin doesn't offer individual strings from the set.

BTW,....this string swap results in tuning up the G sting to an A pitch,....one full step. While it does increase the tension a bit, any well made and structurally sound ukulele should be able to handle the change without a problem.