View Full Version : String "Feedback" and String Tension

04-25-2012, 02:14 PM
Fellow Ukers,

I have a KoAloha "super soprano" (soprano body, concert neck) that I love, and that still has the factory strings (clear fluorocarbon) on it. I like its bright tone and want to get a similar tone in the new strings I get for it, with one caveat: the uke is so resonant that when I pick single notes, the other (unplayed) strings will begin to vibrate. I have trouble keeping it from creating this sort of string feedback, which is not an issue I've had with any of my other ukes. :confused:

Soooo (short story long), my question is if anyone has had this issue, and if anyone thinks that the string tension of the string set might be a help. I'm looking at the Worth Clear fluorocarbon strings, which come in 3 different tensions (high, medium, low). Does anyone have any idea of the effect of a high vs. low tension string set on the strings' tendency to vibrate as a result of notes on other strings being played?

Thanks for your ideas!