View Full Version : Music Contest - Kazoo Prizes

10-18-2008, 04:33 AM
We are having a music contest to find out who has the best instrumental accompaniment to their uke making instrument sounds (trumpet, horn, drum, kazoo or, whatever) with only their mouth (no real instruments).

No singing or whistling but if your singing sounds like a fog horn or a cat with its tail stepped on that might be allowed. Upload the MP3 to your preferred location, post the link to this thread and we'll vote on it.

1st place a color assortment of 7 Hohner kazoos
2nd place get a red white and blue set of 3 in honor of the elections
3rd place is a kazoo of your color choice.

In case of a tie Iíll decide. November 8th Iíll tally the votes, so post your entries by Nov 3rd. Vote after the 3rd. I am going to post an entry just for fun later today.

10-18-2008, 04:45 AM
Man, I'd love to have a set of those sweet kazoos in all possible keys. Something tells me the participants will encounter stiff competition with this one.

Sponsored by Hohner? Having a super big bonus honor prize metal kazoo by the Kazoo Factory would make this even sweeter. I think you should throw a bonus in for the entry closest to the sound the proverbial cat makes when its tail is supposedly stepped on. Either that or a close imitation of an alphorn. VOOOOOHHHHHH :rock: