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10-18-2008, 05:21 AM
Sadly, for a uke fanatic, I still only have one uke. But I still enjoy my Tenor for nearly 2 years. However, now I feel like shopping for a concert uke since the local store in my neighborhood do not sell many ukuleles. I was thinking of a few models. Since I live all the way in Canada, I'm not that comfortable with the shipping with buy ukes all the way from Hawaii, and I probably want other brands of ukes. I would like one thats has good quality for a good price.
Here were the concerts I've been looking at. I've been seraching the reviews and googling
Kala KA-C Concert Mahogany
A few of the concert ukes from Pono and Ko'olau (quite pricey, but good quality)
Koa Pili Koko Deluxe Concert with abalone inlays

10-18-2008, 05:56 AM
I was playin several of these Concerts yesterday.
I went to my Uke store hoping my Kala Mango Soprano had come in but alas not yet...
The KA-C is not to bad of a nonsolid wood uke and for the price...it sounds nice and plays well, has the deeper tone of a Mahogany Uke. I have the Soprano and Tenor.

Take a look at the Mango version it sounds better to me "smoother and mellow" but quite loud.
The Spruce top/Maple body is both pretty and with the Aquilla's that were on it WOW Loud made me want to put Aquilla'a on my Maple/Spruce Tenor and I don't care for those strings...
For me every Kala I have messed around with was an easy play.

The Pono Mahogany, well is solid and plays/sounds/finish solid both in tone and playability the fingering action was quite nice, the same for the Koa which they don't make anymore, I told my uke guy he should raise the price on the Koa.
I like them but not for the price.
With Ko' gold's on my Soprano Kala KA-S I don't see/hear/feel what I am getting for my 300$ difference worth (comparing the Soprano Mahogany's), maybe if I played like Aldrine....

And a copule of custom's built by a local Guitar builder the paly real nice one was Magohany and the other Koa.

If I had the extra $$$$ to blow I might go with the Pono's but for a few more $$$$ you can get even better I guess, but with my limited luither experience (none) I can't tell what that extra $$$$ is going to get me other than difference in tone/sound.

just my .0005 cents