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05-01-2012, 06:05 PM
Ok I have to admit it, I am eating my words, some time ago I questioned whether it was worth spending lots of money on an expensive uke as I thought the sound would not be that much better than a cheap one.

Hoo Boy was I wrong, since owning and playing this blackwood Maton concert for the last couple of weeks I have eaten my words many times, there is simply no comparison between it and any of my other ukes, even the Tanglewood who's sound I really liked has just paled into insignificance now.

The more I have played it the more it has just bedded in and really started to open up and show its full potential, I knew it was good when I bought it but I had no idea just how good it was going to sound once I had spent some time with it.

Yes yes, i know, you want a video of it, I have been so slack that I just haven't gotten around to it yet but this weekend I will do a demo i promise.

But I just had to pop in here and say.."if you are thinking of upgrading to a really nice uke from a cheap laminate..DO IT !!! The way it sounds will blow your mind, you will find yourself practicing harder and longer than ever before because the instrument is totally capable of staying with you as you get better and more confident, in fact the instrument will give you more confidence in your playing ability because it just sounds so sweet.

The tiniest bit of vibrato will come through, string bends are a joy, snap strums ring like a snare drum, I've been doing percussive taps and slaps on the body which has about 5 or 6 different tonal drum sounds depending on where you hit it, the whole thing is just consistent and tight and beautiful and what more can I say lol.

video coming soon.......

Buy a nice uke !


05-01-2012, 07:33 PM
Congrats on your new ukulele! :D

I have a couple of laminate tenors. They sound very good but my goal is to save up for a solid wood tenor.

Recently I found this little restored soprano, circa 1930s. Unfortunately the maker is unkown but it's all solid Mahogany and so I decided to purchase it to for fun but also to say I have a solid wood uke in the interim. Man.... does that little uke have a voice for its size! What would that sound like as a tenor? I saw the light and the potential. I realized then that my next uke purchase will be a higher quality solid wood without a doubt.

I need to wait awhile until that purchase but I'm in complete agreement with you.