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05-14-2012, 10:14 PM
I hope that it's OK to put this here.

Please find attached a link to Robert Stern's presentation for Crowdfunding to kickstart the Documentary of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's visit to Australia recently.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the concept of 'Crowdfunding', this allows a project to be funded and produced, so long as the target amount has been reached. If you put your hand up for one of the 'levels' you don't pay anything until the projected figure has been reached and the project declared a starter. It is not a risky investment in something that might not go ahead. Once the target figure is reached, the project starts and when produced, you then receive your rewards.

Robert Stern is a Brittish documentary maker and been a major Brittish foreign correspondant, and was the filmmaker accompanying the 'Ukes' during their visit Down Under. He is very well credentialled, reputable and you can read a profile of him. It is to be understood that this is the project of Robert Stern and the documentary, although about the Uke Orchestra, will not be a Uke Orchestra product but will be a product of Robert Stern. It does however have the full knowledge and support of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brittain.

The link will explain about the project and give you the optional levels and costs. Watch the video for clips from the proposed doumentary of the Ukulele Orchestra - their travels and performances and their visits to the local Uke Clubs (don't blink and you will see Jen Lowe's AKA Strumn' Jen or Yoga Jen's hat in the front row of the Opera House 2.07). For more about Robert Stern visit the link below.

Robert has been having some discussion with us during its preparation and has now asked me to pass this Crowdfunding appeal on to you all now that it is ready to go and has less than 40 days to go. Would you please pass it around your club mailing lists and Facebook pages and any other avenues to send the message. Many thanks.

The target is $40,000 and we are hopefull we can get there. It would be wonderful to see this documentary and the memory of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Brittain's Downunder trip on film for all to enjoy.
Here is the link to the Crowdfunding Appeal:


Here is a link to Robert Stern.