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05-25-2012, 07:35 AM

No-Name Soprano or Sopranino
I actually received this uke a few weeks back, but was too under-whelmed to post anything. I bought it from Elderly because I liked the shape and I liked the fact that it was a vintage uke from the 1920's. And that it was only $40.

According to Elderly, it's made of birch and the wooden friction tuners are original. There is some separation between the wood sides/top, but it looks like it's solid wood.

I restrung it with Aquila's (and in the process realized there was nothing holding the wooden bridge/saddle to the uke but the tension of the strings), and still it's very quiet. The action is very high, and it's constantly slipping out of tune. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth investing more money into it to have it properly set up (and maybe get a new bridge/saddle), or if I should keep it closer to its original condition and just not play it very much.

Luna Concert Wave
Technically, I bought this uke for my husband, who is always asking to borrow my Ohana when I'm practicing. (Annoying! :) ). He's a big guy with big fingers, so I thought he would appreciate the concert size over the soprano.

Although my tiny fingers are having trouble with the new distance between frets (naturally, I had to test it out before giving to my husband), I LOVE the set up on it. I bought it from HMS for around $110, and would not hesitate to do so again! The action is beyond perfect. Although my Ohana has a better, more nuanced sound (in my opinion), I'm always picking this one up to strum it because I love the way the strings feel. Also, the uke just looks super-cool.

Uke Wish List
Someday I will be writing about my new KoAloha Pineapple Soprano. I'm trying to tame my UAS and not fill our already-stuffed apartment with ukes... but it's so tough when I see everyone's beautiful ukes on this forum!

05-25-2012, 07:47 AM
Well I like the looks of the little 20s soprano - sort of like a banjo uke in wood. Mind you, you say it's quiet, so I guess the similarity is only cosmetic! The top is maybe just too small to generate any great noise. That Luna is pretty groovy too.