View Full Version : Clip-on tuner on a Flea?

10-23-2008, 06:18 AM
Hi all,

I am looking into buying a clip-on vibration tuner because, since the new baby has come into our house, it has become quite a noisy environment to tune in.

I was wondering if any of you had experience clipping it to the funky Flea open head.

Also, I assume there are plenty of recommendations for tuners in other threads, and I will do a search, but if anyone cares to drop a suggestion here, I would very much appreciate.

Thanks a lot for your input.


10-23-2008, 06:34 AM
We have two different styles of clip-on tuners and we've used both of them on our Flea. They worked great!

10-23-2008, 06:39 AM
Same here... no problems clipin a Flea.

Clip on, tune in, Jam out!!!!