View Full Version : LKP-T Koa Tenor with extras $150 @ hellomusic

05-26-2012, 06:08 PM
Saw this, seemed like a fair deal so I thought I'd pass it along. LKP-T Koa Tenor at hellomusic.com for $150, comes with gig bag & tuner. Laminate koa, of course, with abalone accents. Not sure about shipping costs (may kill the deal for some). I saw this package for $199-ish elsewhere.

link (http://www.hellomusic.com/ec/DealMain.aspx?did=14978&cat=PROMO2)

I've purchased from hellomusic before -- they post daily deals and may or may not run them for additional days. The first time I had no issues, the second I had some quality issues but customer service was great. Really great -- They kept working with me until the problem was resolved.

Generally there was no set up done on what I bought but there weren't any issues serious enough to bother me.

Update: Just saw this pack in the concert size for $80, free shipping (probably CONUS) at Americanmusical.com's daily deal.