View Full Version : Worth Browns Tenor - low G - what's 'plain' about them?

05-30-2012, 12:25 PM
Worth Browns for Tenor, low G, some sites, list "plain" as a choice. What is that? Does it mean an unwound low G string, perhaps? Or?:confused:

Moore Bettah Ukuleles
05-30-2012, 01:01 PM
Yes, unwound......

05-30-2012, 01:05 PM
Yes, unwound......

OK, thanks for clarifying.

So, then, I am guessing the G string will be somewhat thick? How does that feel to play? Not as squeaky when your fingers run down the string so that's a pro but does the fat string cause problems when playing...con...?

05-30-2012, 01:17 PM
Personally, I am not a fan of an unwound low G string. They do tend to be on the thicker side and they can sometimes require adjustments at the nut.

05-30-2012, 01:21 PM
I have a set on my Pono Tenor. Never had an issue with them and they sound great. Your experience may differ as they say. Try them out!

05-30-2012, 08:05 PM
I just put a set of low g brown Worths from Elderly on my concert uke (Thanks Lori for your example) and it sounds fantastic! Definitely made my cheap Ohana laminate sound great! Really looking forward to playing with it.

05-31-2012, 05:46 AM
I have worth browns bm's on both my Honu's and love em!