View Full Version : What's this chord????

06-04-2012, 03:30 AM
Greetings, Alan Thornton taught me an embellishment of the C chord (C tuning) that is 1st string 3rd fret, 2nd string 1st fret. I couldn't find this on my chord charts and I was wondering if it had a name? TIA, g2

06-04-2012, 03:40 AM
I believe that it is Csus4

06-04-2012, 03:52 AM
I believe that it is Csus4

I also hold this belief. I featured it extensively in my original "Ladybug Philosophy".

mm stan
06-04-2012, 03:54 AM
Yes it is...I use it in a couple hawaiian songs ...

06-04-2012, 08:34 AM
Thanks folks, rock on

Ukulele JJ
06-04-2012, 02:21 PM
It's also an Fsus2.

That's the cool thing about sus chords. Any sus4 is a sus2 a fifth lower (or a fourth higher). It all depends on what you consider to be the "root" of the chord.