View Full Version : FOR SALE: Left-Handed Bass

Tommy B
06-06-2012, 11:56 AM

Hi everyone. I debated whether this belonged in the Marketplace or here, but I figure most of the Marketplace browsers are looking for ukes, so I'm posting this here. I've got a very nice left-handed Yamaha bass that needs a new home. The model is BBn4 and it comes with its original padded gigbag from Canada.

The bass is in excellent used condition. It has a few dings and scuffs, but looks clean. The worst cosmetic issue on it is a small spot of finish wear near the pickup where (I assume) the original owner rested his thumb.

A local music shop offered to consign it for me, but they wanted me to buy a $30 set of strings from them first. They said the bronze Fender strings I installed (which have less than an hour of play) aren't ideal. I've decided instead to let the next owner choose his/her own strings and sell the bass for what the store would have given me after the consignment. (I may still have the original nickel-wound strings that came with the bass, however, and if so, I can include those.)

I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and would welcome any local sales and/or inspections. Otherwise, shipping will be at actual cost, by whatever method the buyer wants as long as it includes insurance.

Please PM me with any questions or for more photos/details. Thanks!


Tommy B
06-13-2012, 03:54 AM
and it's sold!