View Full Version : Cordoba 15cm, is it worth 100?

06-08-2012, 05:02 PM
I was on the HMS site and I found the Cordoba 15 cm. in the video i thought it sounded great, Im planning to go to guitar center and try one out, but I dont know if it will be the same sound since the one i found on the HMS site had a different set up.

I think they sound really good, but I have other choices...
Luna honu
Kala ka slng (soprano long neck)

I will go to a store to check them out, but what are your guy's opinion on these ukes, especially the cordoba?

06-08-2012, 06:07 PM
I paid $100 for my Cordoba 10CM, and the 15CM is a step up, so probably...

06-08-2012, 06:56 PM
I've got a 15TM - got it new for $149 (while most places were selling it for far more). It is the tenor version of the uke you're looking at.

It is a nice little player, and easily worth more than I paid for it. For $100, the 15CM sounds like a bargain.