View Full Version : Wedding rings and Ukes

The Big Kahuna
06-13-2012, 08:31 PM
I've noticed when playing that my wedding ring occasionally smacks the back of the neck. Does everyone else just take theirs off, or adjust their playing style ? I never had this issue with guitar.

I should have mentioned that mine is painful to take off repeatedly, otherwise I'd just pop it off when practicing.

06-13-2012, 10:00 PM
I get one tattoo ;)

Pukulele Pete
06-14-2012, 12:28 AM
I've never noticed my wedding ring hitting the back of the neck. But I do know that if I take it off , my wife will smack me on the back of my neck.

The Big Kahuna
06-14-2012, 12:30 AM
I've also noticed my pinky ring on my right hand hitting the body sometimes. Oh well, looks like I've got a bit of James Hill going on.

06-14-2012, 12:31 AM
I tried to wear mine but eventually decided to take it off when playing because it's just not comfortable. then again, I don't like wearing jewlery anyway.

06-14-2012, 01:36 AM
Wrist down.

06-14-2012, 02:10 AM
I had mine tattoo'd :) underneath but the boss still gets the hump if i take it off . Mine doesnt affect my playing, but my thumb sticks up and my pinky sticks out like supping tea at the ritz, i have tried to hold it "correctly" but hey *&@k it, it is more comfy with the pinky out (as the actress said to the bishop!!!)

06-14-2012, 02:45 AM
I'll tell the Vicar......"I am the Vicar"

06-14-2012, 03:00 AM
I have no problem playing uke with my wedding ring on.

06-14-2012, 03:31 AM
Never had a problem - I don't know how I could possibly play with my ring finger behind the neck, since I need the fingers on the fretboard to push down on the strings.

The ring has never smacked on the fretboard, either.


06-14-2012, 03:40 AM
Luckily we don't wear wedding bands in Taiwan. On a side note, I cringe whenever I see a video of Aldrine Guerrero test driving a bunch of high end ukes with that big ass ring on his right hand.

06-14-2012, 04:18 AM
Wrist down.

Is there some sort of division among uke players into "drop your wrist" and "don't bother dropping your wrist?" Is it a tradition v. new style thing? Or stuffy v. lazy?

That said, I haven't had this problem but I've been trying to follow the advice of those who say to drop your wrist. Playing hand drums is a different matter, though!

06-14-2012, 04:41 AM
I have never had my rings hit the neck. If I did, I probably wouldn't worry about it because a little tap with a ring shouldn't cause any damage.

My husband complained about his ring for a bit when playing the guitar, but that was because it felt different playing...not because he was hitting the neck of his guitar.

The Big Kahuna
06-14-2012, 04:51 AM
Ok, not touching the last post with a barge pole...

Anyway, it's more the noise that pisses me off, not any worries about damage. And this dropped wrist business, I'm strictly a thumb hanging over the neck player, unless a particular fingering makes this impossible.

06-14-2012, 04:58 AM
If it's difficult to take off, maybe you could just put some tape over it when practicing? Some of that medical tape breathes well.

06-14-2012, 05:44 AM
Nope, I have never had a problem with my rings, though I never wear bracelets when playing.

06-15-2012, 02:50 AM
I've never had a problem because mine is tatto'd on.