View Full Version : Just tried out a new Seaguar "recipe"

06-20-2012, 11:38 AM
Hey all, a few weeks ago I ordered another spool of Seaguar leader because I wanted to try out a set of strings somewhat similar to the Worth CH set. Besides, what's one more spool of leader when you've already got five or six (or seven), right?

Anyway, what I ended up with is FC40, FC80, FC60, and FP40(premier) for the GCEA respectively. A set having the same diameters as a Worth CH set would have used FC50 for the G string. I had that on hand but I didn't like the fact that the tension on the G string would actually be higher than the A string. I wanted something that balanced closer to a CM set, just with higher tensions.

Anyway, I just put a set of these on the Mainland mahogany soprano and while they haven't settled in yet, so far I am way more than pleased. These seriously kick some backside - they are louder than the almost new Aquila nylguts I replaced without the Aquila brashness.

I usually don't check intonation until strings have settled in for a couple of days but a quick check looks like they are going to intonate almost perfectly at the twelfth fret on the Mainland soprano scale.

I suspect I'm going to end up putting the same strings on my Mainland mango soprano in the next couple of days. If I do, that will set up the perfect conditions to do an A/B comparison between mango and mahogany since the two ukes will be about as close to identical, other than wood, as one can reasonably come. They even came from the same December 2011 production lot and have about the same amount of "playing in" on them.

BTW, this "CH" set I wouldn't recommend for beginners. It's not super high tension, especially to somebody who cut his teeth on a steel-string guitar - but if you complain about Worth CM or Aquila nylgut strings hurting your fingers this isn't the set for you.

Otherwise, if you're looking for more volume without sacrificing sweet tone you might want to get a set of Worth CH strings a shot.