View Full Version : Going Mad with Waiting!

11-01-2008, 12:21 PM
(Begin snapping fingers now.)


Oh, Ukulele!
How I yearn
to touch

your frets

To hear your voice
so sweetly

To feel you

my chest

Oh, Ukulele!
you take
so long

to ship

You left
me hanging
in Ontario
with your

tracking number!

Oh, Ukulele!
Some look
to Obama
on the Fourth
Some to
but I have eyes
for only



Gah! My Makala Concert starting pack from MGM isn't due for another three days...I've been seeing ukes everywhere I go. A lot of that has to do with this forum. I feel much better about taking to task an instrument such as this knowing I've got this community to help me out! Not to mention all the tantalizing uke pr0n you guys post.

I went ahead and ordered an Intelli IMT500 clip on tuner per UU recommendation as well. It is due the 6th.

So, just to warn you...you probably have some embarrassingly terrible uke vids in your future...