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07-13-2012, 03:29 PM
Lets talk about Moku! There are a lot of new brands of ukuleles at NAMM and I took a look, and often passed on by. Not Moku! These are well-made, well quality-controlled, great ukuleles!

He has everything from an affordable laminate up to a lower-end solid mahogany to his Select series. Great woods manufactured to the highest standards with great attention to details! From the choice of wood down to the Koa buttons on the tuners. The Select series comes in all solid spuce/mahogany or all solid mahogany and they really have a sweet sound.

His choice series comes in all solid mahogany matte finish or a gloss soprano/rosewood. The laminate, are just that a laminate mahogany! But they are made well, quality controlled, have a good sound, and would make a great started uke!

Check them out at mokuukes.com

Picture of the booth. The select is on the right, choice is on the left:


A close up on the select series. A gloss on the spruce, a matte on the mahogany.
The back of a spruce/mahogany select

07-13-2012, 03:32 PM
Lastly, my new favorite affordable solid mahogany! The Moku Choice series mahogany! A well-made ukulele and it has little details in the rosette and the neck stripe on the back that put it over the other solid mahoganies in that price range, in my opinion!