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rar jungle
07-24-2012, 09:39 PM
Went out on my bicycle for more beer, and to get away from my weird jack daniels, redneck roommates. Ended up at Kona Brew Pub, the best beer and pizza within 2000 miles. Sat alone by the bar reading and drinking beer, surrounded mostly by tourists, I felt quite alone. After reading the whole Big Island Weekly I decided to make at least one attempt at doing something interesting, so I pulled out my Power Ukulele and played it for a few seconds. Suddenly the old hippy dude sitting two tables away got up and came over to me. Excitedly he asked me where I got my ukulele. I told him I made it. He then told me he was good friends with Kawika Hurd for the last 40 years, and he wanted to take pictures of it to show Kawika. I was so happy. I never met Kawika, but I remember trying to make sense out of his website many times in the past, and I would definitely love to meet him. So I gave the old dude, Sherman, my info, and hopefully I can meet the Grand Wizard of Ukulele science.

After that I took off happy and drunken on my bike, and proceeded to wipe out on a curb, flying over my handle bars, using my left cheek, hand and ribs as a cushion. Good times.

Anyways, I am still excited to hopefully meet Kawika. And by the way, anybody on the Big Island want to check out the Power Ukulele, and maybe help with advice or encouragement please give me a call, or email. rarjungle@hotmail.com ph.917-727-9327 powerukes.com (http://powerukes.com)

P.S. Just sold the second Power Ukulele ever...to a Kona Police officer. With that sale and two on order from the old Kona airport cop I am starting to see a pattern, and I am confident that this new kind of ukulele is gonna be big hit with Law enforcement, perhaps even the military. Anybody know where I can get ukulele parts built to military specs?

07-25-2012, 03:29 AM
That was an interesting read. Good luck with the venture!

07-25-2012, 04:07 AM
glad to here your OK after meeting the road. I had the opposite experience a couple years ago, out riding my bike on a nice 20 miler, and got right hooked by a guy in an suv... hit and run, lucky just some bumps and bruises and no damage to the bike... my friends decided to take me one and get me drunk that night... the next day was rough, hung over and stiff and sore all rolled into one.

that's a cool idea, much like a travel or practice guitar with an amp built in... hope it takes off, lord knows its tough right now to keep anything in the air. I'm trying to keep 3 projects in the air in hopes that one builds its own gravity.

rar jungle
07-26-2012, 08:36 PM
mrhandy: Wow, you're bike accident sounded pretty bad, or could have been really bad. Yeah, mine was just my own foolishness, and mostly I just have sore ribs now, and minor cuts and scrapes. Also, I lost my cupcakes I just bought, and I a huge pile of change that had accumulated in the outside bag of my backpack. The change sprawled out over the pavement, and the box of cupcakes landed on top of the change. It looked so funny I decided just to leave it all. But the good thing was my Power Uke, which was strapped into a milk crate on the back of the bike, suffered no damage at all, and in fact the batteries didn't even fly out of the battery holder. I guess I finally got the battery holder designed right.

pootsie: thanks for reading, and the good wishes!

07-26-2012, 09:39 PM
Loving your Power Ukelele invention!
Any bass version coming up?