View Full Version : Bushman Contest Ideas

11-04-2008, 08:25 PM
So, with the Deach contest over, it's time to turn my attention the the Bushman contest with a vengeance. I've got two definites ready to roll, but I'm trying to pick a third song. Here are my ideas:

Small Axe - Bob Marley

I'd thought about rewriting this to be about the ukulele (because it's a small axe, y'see?), but I think I've abandoned this idea. If anyone else wants it, have at it.

A Mina Meninha - Os Mutantes

Just for awesomeness value, with that brilliant riff. Here's a link, in case you don't know it (this version, by the Bees, is the one that inspired me):

Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

I'm imagining a video with all the different girls/women (maybe even including my friend Kate?) I can assemble shimmying in different ways. And perhaps all together on the chorus. Which could be on the kazoo?

Ukulele Underground

My final idea is to write a kinda militant sounding acid jazz style song (in the style of something like The Black Whip, or The Creator Has a Master Plan) which kinda implies the we're some sort of rebel organisation promoting a new world order, kind of a ukulele Black Panthers or something.

Whaddya reckon - which one sounds like the winner?