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07-29-2012, 11:12 AM
Hi all-

I'm a first time poster here, although you can find me under the same user ID on the Acoustic Guitar Forum and EBay. I am selling a 2012 Collings UT-1 with haircut headstock, and would rather go through a forum like this than EBay.

This is a great uke; I just don't get to it before I go through my acoustic guitar, and I spend a lot of time on the acoustic guitar. It's become wall art, and I'm just not into that. So it's up for your consideration.

This uke was purchased new from Steve Miklas at Acoustic Music Works. His prices are clearly listed (http://www.acousticmusicworks.com/ukuleles.html), so you can see what I paid. This uke lists at $1300, I paid $1170, and I am selling it for $600 plus shipping. Steve doesn't offer a discount on this model, as something about the haircut headstock sells super fast, and he rarely has more than one in stock at any time (if that).

The uke plays great. I ascribe to what Steve Miklas says: in this particular instrument from Collings, the unfinished, simplest ukes have the most open sound. I haven't played all the ukes that Steve at Acoustic Music Works has, but this is a very playable, very fun, wide open uke.

The only visible wear is on the middle of the lower bout; I've included a photo. So for 4 months of it largely hanging on the wall in my office (climate-controlled) and a small mark, you get a $570 discount. I hope that appeals to someone; I really do want to avoid EBay! Comes with original case.

Please message or email me with any questions; I'm happy to respond. I ship quickly, will accept PayPal and eat the fees myself, and will ship any carrier you prefer, charging you only exactly what they charge me.