View Full Version : PRICE REDUCTION Pono HMC Pro Concert Uke

07-29-2012, 12:56 PM
I bought this beautiful instrument a month ago from fellow member "ukuraleigh". Severe illness in my family and resultant financial crisis is demanding that I sell most of my ukulele collection. In fact, I will be able to keep only one. I don't need to elaborate as to how difficult this is as each one of my instruments is in flawless condition and met my pretty demanding criteria for sound and playability.

Here is a link to "ukuraleigh's" original ad which features photos and a sound clip or two. Nothing has changed since the purchase. The instrument is in mint condition and a joy to play. It has a lovely balanced tone, great playability, and some of the prettiest blond mahogany I have ever seen. I will be sad to see it go but as I said, family responsibilities come first.


Asking $480 which includes shipping anywhere in CONUS via UPS who will pack the uke safely and I'll furnish a tracking number.

You may contact me at girevikdavid@gmail.com or call 541-514-6521 if you have any questions.

Thank you,