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08-04-2012, 09:41 AM
This sale has been postponed due to me being out of town until early September.

Hi. I was going to sell these ukes one at a time, but before I do I will offer them as a collection. I have the following:

20 Roy Smeck soprano solid mahogany made by Hamony. Many are in like-new condition, they all have new Aquilla strings.

six baritone ukes - all in excellent shape - all Harmony

three concert ukes - Harmony and one I built from old parts.
about 20 other mostly Harmony soprano ukes

These are all in exceptional playing condition. I have fixed all cracks and seam problems. I have pimped about six or seven. They are no longer vintage. Most of my changes were experiments in finishes and top wood.

I usually sell these locally to people who need a break on the price. I do not make a profit. pictures and an complete list soon.

I can include a Hamano tenor and a Johnny Marvin tenor and lots of cases. Call me if you are interested.

Jim Turner
ann arbor

08-09-2012, 09:36 AM
My wife says to get those damn big ukes out of the house. So before I leave town I am having a sale on six baris


Airline $120
Silvertone $110
Silvertone $95 (repaired neck)
Kingston $90
Domino $70

Cases are extra. I charge postage only and the price of a box.

These all have new strings and all are in excellent shape.

The ukuleles reside in Ann Arbor.