View Full Version : Playing with chords on the Kala U-Bass

08-07-2012, 05:55 AM
Playing chords on my 34" bass guitar is a stretch, very literally so for my aging fingers.

So when my Kala fretted U-Bass arrived Monday in last week, chords were the third matter to explore after the scales and playing tunes by ear.

Some of the tunes that I played were my favourite hymns. I have been trained in harmonizing hymns as well in the early baroque style as well as in Bach’s style. With the U-Bass it very much is about keeping settings on the simpler side, which is a tough challenge all in its own right.

The two hymns arranged so far (Now thank we all our God & Oh, what precious balm and healing) both come in a two-part version pretty much representing the soprano and bass lines as found in the Danish hymnal. And both also come in a version with up to 4 notes in the chords. I have tried supplying the notes with a simple tablature for the notes below the tune.

The arrangements were represented at the U-Bass FaceBook site with low resolution .jpg samples here:


and here:


The high resolution .pdf versions may be downloaded for free from my Yahoo-based project about offering free arrangements: