View Full Version : My New Swan Silver 10 hole diatonic Haronica, G

08-09-2012, 11:32 AM
Just received my new Swan harmonica today. I got it from YallStore on a .99 auction with free shipping. Cost me $3.45 or so. I was immediately impressed by the fit and finish. the cover plates are smooth and shiney, and lay perfectly flat on the comb all the way around, held by two srews with flat nuts. It seems in perfect tune and while not my Lee Oskar or a Special 20, it is easy to bend on. It has a nice mellow tone with decent volume without great effort. I just wanted to try one to be sure I was ready to invest in additional keys on higher-end harmonicas.

In all, I think this is a fantastic bang for the buck for beginner and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. I got one for my grandson in C and he loves it. Even if you don't snag a deal like I did, you can buy them all day long for no more than about $5.99 with free shipping. Some of the more desireable keys are available in a new Swan blues harp for about $10 with free shipping.

PS: That being said, I think I'll stick with Lee Oskars. (they are still great deals for beginners though)