View Full Version : Another last minute SAN DIEGO hang TONIGHT!

11-07-2008, 12:02 PM
yes last minute... me and the buds seem to work better on spontaneous decisions based on our already hectic schedules. LOL


Me and a couple friends (Flo and DanMichael) are having another last minute bonfire hang tonight in Paradise Pointe just by the bridge.

Bring wood, ukes, guitars, drums, food, blankets, chairs, more wood, good vibes, a booklight for your ukulele bible, I dunno... whatevers... consider it a warmup to next weeks big SD meetup if ya like =)

dress warm, bring wood and at least food to feed 2 others than just yourself. =) We're already confirmed at about 10-15 people.

C'mon down! let's get this weekend started! HAHA
6pm to whatever!!

858-248-1208 is the cell if yer interested!

Joey Jr