View Full Version : Any interest in creating a UU Guitarpro 6 Users Group?

08-14-2012, 12:59 PM
I am still very new to all of this stuff (ukes, music, the uu forum, guitarpro 6, tabbing, etc.) so I was reluctant to just go ahead and do it without first getting some feedback. Hopefully, this is the most appropriate Forum to seek feedback on this topic.

Is anyone else interested in having a "Guitarpro 6 Users" group created?

I am benefiting tremendously from the feedback I've received on all my UU Forum postings, and I think it would also be quite helpful to share questions/info/how-to/files, etc. regarding GP6 with fellow ukesters and in having GP6 threads grouped within a common UU Forum Group.

Is there by chance some other group that is already covering this subject, and I just didn't find it? I did find one thread asking about opinions on GP6 and I know some of you are quite happily using it. I have posted this question as a response there too, but I have so far not found any Groups that looked applicable to this software.

Is there any interest?

Also, to those of you experienced in such matters: Are there any "Group Creator Headaches" that I need to be forewarned about? :confused: