View Full Version : Super cool Vineyard 150-ml Ė tenor neck soprano

08-19-2012, 09:13 AM
This really is a great little uke. 100% solid mahogany soprano with a tenor neck. It was purchased one year ago from Ukulele Academy in Wilmington NC and professionally set up by Kent. Action is low with plenty of saddle and plays beautifully. In addition to the set up, mine comes with upgraded tuners. It now has the quality amber button friction tuners that Mainland sell. When I traded out the tuners I found a tiny chip that pokes out under the "G" tuner. I donít think I caused it, but never noticed before the switch. I tried to get it to shows up in the pics, but it is nearly completely hidden by the tuner and hardly noticeable in person. Other then that, there is not a mark on it. Tone is fantastic. I believe the tenor scale gives it a little more volume, yet maintains that warm mahogany soprano soul. Also including a concert size gig bag, which fits it perfectly. The gig bag is not incredibly protective, but Iíve traveled with it and it will definitely help out during shipping. Only selling due to a new uke purchase.

Iím selling for $130 shipped (con U.S.). You would be hard pressed to find a solid wood instrument at this price and I think is especially a great deal when you consider the set up, tuner upgrade and gig bag.


08-19-2012, 12:51 PM
2 for 1 deal going down in NC.
Thanks Geno... pleasure meeting you.