View Full Version : "664 - The Neighbour of The Beast" - Iron Maiden (almost) cover

08-26-2012, 09:17 AM

I've been playing a 'straight' cover of this, but I did this one also for the fun of it. :)

Fred Leask
08-26-2012, 10:57 AM
Genuine laugh out loud moment. Thankyou for that.

08-26-2012, 11:09 AM
:shaka::rofl::music: Arrrgghhhh man i havent smiled and laughed so much in ages, you are a legend, i love this thanks for making my weekend, i never realised 666 sounded so good on the uke, thanks for sharing this, look forward to seeing more from you :)

08-26-2012, 11:58 AM
Brilliantly funny UkeLad! thanks for brightening up the day mate, loved it.

08-26-2012, 12:18 PM
What a character you are in a good way. That was great fun. When you are poor you are crazy. When you are rich you are eccentric. : )

08-26-2012, 08:14 PM
Thanks folks - wow! What a response!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed.

I've done a few rock covers, some 'straight' and some spoof... I also played "The Ace Of Spades" on a Uke Banjo to a crowd at a charity event and the feedback was wonderful - I love playing this kind of stuff on uke and then doing my own 'take' on it.

Number of the Beast was one I found worked really well - a favourite of mine, and I used to play on guitar.

Here's another - my (almost) 'straight' cover of The Ace of Spades... with a few other bits n' bobs thrown in...