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08-29-2012, 06:47 PM
I have just been testing D'Addario EJ88S strings on my TV Pal tonight. I like them!

I have been using Kamaka strings on this uke and I loved their mellow and plunky sound. One thing I didn't like with them was that the strings would often slap the frets, especially doing rolls (although the action was high enough to prevent buzzing on the frets). I wanted to try a set of thinner strings in the hopes of preventing this.

In trying to find a set of strings that were closer in gauge to the original strings shipped on TV Pals, as measured and reported in the post linked below, I came across the Nyltechs, which are very close in gauge.


They are white, but smoother and glossier than Aquila Nylguts. Maybe because they are closer to the diameters the nut was designed for, the intonation up the fingerboard is now much closer, and almost spot on. The tone is brighter, but still plenty mellow for me. The sustain is noticeably better. Can strings be more or less expressive? I feel like the tone responds more readily to what my right hand is doing (another benefit of thinner strings?)

I think I will try these strings on my other ukes, too.

08-30-2012, 03:17 AM
Aren't they made by Aquila? Seems to me it says that on the back of the packages.

Bill Mc
08-30-2012, 05:43 AM
Aren't they made by Aquila? Seems to me it says that on the back of the packages.

Developed in conjunction with Aquila and a unique formulation from what I have read. The D'Addario EJ88s have a softer feel than the Aquila Nylguts and for me a more gut-like sound. I have a set of the D'Addario my Martin S-1 and like the sound better than any other strings I have tried on that instrument including Aquila Nylgut, Worth Clears, and Fremont Blacklines. When Aquila guts were available I tried them on the Martin and liked the unique gut sound but not so much the constant tuning.