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09-07-2012, 01:11 PM
Hi Folks I purchased this Uke from Hawaii Music Supply a couple of months ago. I think they are out of stock now. I've only changed the strings to Southcoast but I'm really not a baritone man. So if you have been watching the thread you have seen I am raising cash for a super purchase. I can't give you much of a deal on this one as it is mint, see picture and only a couple of months old. Lets just say $850 delivered in hard case in CONUS. Next is the blerb describing this uke fro HMS.
"This is a new model for the Pro Classic series from Pono. It is truly one of the best sounding- playing- looking baritones we have ever had in the store.
First off, this baritone sounds amazing!! What do I mean by amazing? Perfect balance! strength and dynamics! The clarity and focus of spruce is well suited to the boominess of a good baritone. This is one of the finest baritone's you will find. It has been designed like a classic Martin baritone but better. Beautiful woods never stained. World-class craftsmanship and a deep understanding of instrument making is shown in every aspect.
The Pro-Classic series is built by an elite crew from Pono consisting of their top 5 builders. These are not pumped out of a factory. These are made in a small climate controlled custom shop and all they build is Pono! John from Koolau goes back and forth working on minor details with them and after nearly ten years he now has a superior product.
We waited nearly a year for this model and recieved only four of them! If you were looking into a quality baritone, consider this Pono model. It is one of the finest you will ever play. We would put this one up against any baritone in any price range.
A key feature in all of the Pono tenor and baritone models is the dual-action adjustable truss rod. This is used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. It can be adjusted from right inside the soundhole with an allen wrench provided. This is something you will probably not need to adjust. But over time and with humidity changes, it is a very useful option to have, and a very easy thing to adjust with little room for error. Case in picture below is not the sale case, a much better case is included. This ukulele includes a very nice wooden Oahu hardshell case. Case picture on request"
Price $850 delivered in CONUS.
PM me if interested. More pics on request.
Bob Myers
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09-07-2012, 01:13 PM
More Pics.
Bob Myers

The Orange Mage
09-07-2012, 10:15 PM
Oh man, this is one of those ukes I drool at when browsing the HMS website. I am very tempted to ransack my belongings for stuff to sell...

Needless to say, a lovely uke and a shame it wasn't a fit for you. Hopefully someone here buys it and falls head over heels for it! :)

09-10-2012, 03:33 PM
Ok, I hear you all, you want a deal. I don't blame you, but I can't let it go for any less with the O'ahu hard case. So, if no interest by the weekend I'll pull this ad.
Thanks for looking. New things coming.
Regards, Bob Myers

09-15-2012, 12:01 PM
Hi All, I hereby close this thread, I just can't sell it for less, even though its priced only $50 less than it cost me, I know you all want a deal. I just can't justify a greater loss as it is still brand new.
Thanks for looking,
Bob Myers