View Full Version : Microvox Pickup

09-20-2012, 08:48 AM
I have just got a microvox pickup for my ukes. They are actually mini condenser mics and are made by small UK firm who specialise in pickups for acoustic instruments.

The model I got, the M500 (http://www.microvox.demon.co.uk/banjopage.htm), is a little capsule 10mm x 10mm x 20mm and it fixes to the top by means of a self adhesive velcro pad and they supplied enough velcro to fit 3 ukes. If you want to use it with more, then just buy more velcro. Here in the UK it's widely available.

Being a condenser mic, it needs a psu which they supply separately as its universal to all their products. The pickup plus psu cost me about 70GB.

First impressions are very favourable. The sound coming out of the amp was close to that of my uke - a genuine acoustic sound rather than a more electric sound that piezo pickups seem to give. Certainly better than the electro acoustic uke that I tested my amp with when I went to buy it.

Below is a photo of the unit fixed to my Flea with the psu beside it.