View Full Version : Shop Built Compact and Storable Thickness Sander

09-21-2012, 01:12 PM
This is my new thickness sander based on Dominators’ machine (http://www.rockslide.org/drum%20sander.html) with my own design modifications to make it more compact for home garage use. If Dominic is reading this I want to thank you very much for posting the details of your machine on the intranet. Mine uses a folding Black and Decker “Work Mate” table for its base. The machine is clamped to the Work Mate using the built in vise jaws and can be easily removed for storage. I built it for less than $120 mainly out of scrap ¾” plywood. It has a plastic laminate double thick table for the work to slide on, 1” steel shaft and pillow block bearings, 1/3 hp motor (recycled), and 3 different grits of hook and loop sand paper. I put about 5 hours on it this week sanding the plates for my 1st ukulele build. So far I have more time in making the sander than making ukuleles but by Christmas this will turn around. I’m planning on making several and giving them away as gifts. If anyone has any questions or comments on this feel free to post here.

Bruce Crook
Mooresville, IN

09-22-2012, 06:12 PM
Sweet. The next step is to send it over to my shop