View Full Version : Christmas in Sept aka Happy New ukeS dayS..

09-25-2012, 03:35 PM
A very happy past two days. About a month learning to play the uke, I decided to upgrade from an Ohana sk-15 to these two glorious beasts. I received the Bruko yesterday (Sept 24) and the Koaloha today (Sept 25).

The Bruko is a concert with bubinga body, rosewood and maple neck, ebony fingerboard and nut. I asked them to include a passive pick up and install geared tuners, instead of friction. It took about 7 days from Germany to Toronto and an arm and a few fingers to complete the transaction. It was packed very well, uke was safe and came in a soft gig bag.


The Koaloha is a soprano pineapple longneck, purchased from hms. I got the mono case instead of the standard hard case and a bunch of strings. It also took 7 days from Hawaii to Toronto but I had to give up my liver and social life for a year to complete the transaction.


now i get to/have to learn proper and somewhat complex songs to play since im broke...