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09-28-2012, 10:06 AM
Well, I have been having a problem with my ashbury ukulele nut. It has been burring the strings and causing an annoying buzz on the E string. So I emailed them and told them about my situation. They emailed me back a day later:

Dear Coleton,

Iím sorry to hear youíre having problems with your uke. We are their Canadian distributor and will certainly take care of you. Can you let me know where you live and from whom you purchased the ukulele? Also, are you able to install the nut yourself, or would you require a luthier to do it for you?

Best regards,

Kathleen Stokholm
(Canadian Customer Service Rep.)

I replied to them saying what my mailing address was and where I purchased my uke, and they replied.

Hi Coleton,

Iíve asked my lutheir to bring a nut by for me and Iíll send it out in the mail as soon as I get it.

Iíll let you know when it arrives,

Best regards,

Kathleen Stokholm

So, I got the new nut for free.

:) great customer service.

Whats your thought on them?