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11-15-2008, 08:00 PM
I have been on these forums for a while now, but only just now discovered the Ukulele review section. I think that if you guys advertised that section more (possibly with a big button thing on the right with the featured videos) that section could really grow in review size, with so many members here on the forums, all with so many ukuleles. And if you could get it more prominently placed on google through SEO, I think you could drive a lot more traffic to the site.

And by making that section more prominent, or possibly giving members some incentive to post a quality review there, (monthly random drawing for a t-shirt for submitted reviews,) I think you could really build the best uke review database on the web. And I know that something like thatwould def be valuable to new buyers. And since there are no such existing massive uke review databases, you'd have the early monopoly.

And it seems that you borrowed the prompt questions from Harmony Central reviews or something like that without changing all of the "guitars" to "ukuleles." I love Harmony Central reviews and they have really helped me to find out about the equipment I'm picking up. I'm just waiting for a one-stop uke-equivalent. And a slight tweak of the layout of that page (64x64 logos by each maker would look great) would really help make it look professional.

Just my opinion. :D


Kaneohe til the end
11-15-2008, 08:48 PM
good idea...