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09-29-2012, 07:45 AM
One of my baritones is a custom [made to order] by (primarily) guitar luthier, Jay Dickinson of Portland Guitars (www.portlandguitars if you’re interested). The finish is flaw less, however the edges are sharper than my Pono baritone or a vintage Martin. I had Doug Edwards (www.hillcountrystringworks) make an armrest and I’ve attached a couple of pictures. High end classical guitars often incorporate an armrest, and I guess while not unheard of with ukuleles, armrests are seldom seen although I’ve been told that Dirk Wormhoudt’s (www.southcoastukes.com) new models will come standard with armrests. I looked at some of the guitar studies on armrests that suggest a benefit in projection and tone when an armrest is used. I don’t know if there is a relationship between instrument size and armrest effect, but I did notice a marked, favorable effect when I added this armrest. For me, the initial reason for adding the armrest was for comfort, but I now am thinking about adding one where comfort is no problem at all. Does anyone else have any – favorable or not – experiences with armrests?