View Full Version : Musicians in Victoria, BC!

09-30-2012, 06:20 PM
Hey, all. I'm new to Victoria (just a month on the island). I moved down here from Northern BC to take some classes at UVic. I have been creeping on Ukulele Underground for quite a while and I never realised there was such a large ukulele community down here in Victoria!

I'm looking to get playing some music and meeting some new people so I'm sort of posting here to see who all is out there. I play uke but my main instrument is bass. I'd be up for jamming or writing music or even just chatting about music in general! My flatmate plays guitar and sings as well.

*Edit* I should also say that, while I am a student at UVic I'm 28 years old so I'm not a super young guy and I'm not a super old guy. A super in the middle guy? *Edit*

That's all!