View Full Version : Martin M600 and Aquila strings comparison

10-01-2012, 04:52 AM
Just try a new pack of Martin M600 for my new All Soild Mahogany Concert with default Aquila strings.

I just replace the G and A strings with M600 so that there will be some comparison at once.

Tone Colour: M600 seems brighter to stand out of each note
Volume: M600 is higher
Tension: M600 seems to be a little higher
Dynamic: Aquila's string vibration last longer (C E strings in the case)


For the difference tone colour of Martin M600 / Aquila. I guess that... there may be different strings mixing in a uke to fit your favourite sound.
Such as 'Soft and warm low notes C string with E string for bright and clear high notes solo'

10-03-2012, 06:48 PM
After the whole set of M600 replaced Aquila on my concert.

Suprisely I found it help me in smoother chord changing as beginner level. Although the tension is a little bit higher (just a little, D'addario T2 seems quite tension), but the thinner strings result a easier barre chord holding. And noise would be easier to produce than aquila in chord changing as beginner level :D

The tone result really to be my fav style, clear note with mellow extensions. Before that Aquila strings come with very mellow and soft sound in this All Soild Mahogany (so I chose this uke). M600 take out each note of strings and still ring the Mahogany body mellow sound out, it produce more attack sounds than Aquila.

I don't know if I would like the punchier attack style of strings , but it's happy that the mellow sound just reduce a little in case.

10-03-2012, 07:07 PM
My favorite strings at this moment tend to alternate between the Martin M600 and the D'Addario Nyltech. It seems to me that the M600 are pretty much the same as Worth clears and the D'Addario Nyltech are pretty much the same as Aquila Nylgut. Having tried all of these several times I've pretty much gone with the Martins and D'Addarios because they are cheaper. I liked the T2 for a while, but not as much any more. I do like that they are thicker and tighter than the Martins.

I think the flourocarbon strings have a bit more ring and sustain, but it depends. Seems to me that every uke is different and some ukes really shine with the flourcarbons, others with the Nylgut. Sometimes I think the Martin's don't have enough tension and they feel a little sloppy. That's my problem with Worth's too and why I don't care for Work Brown.

It doesn't seem to work to test to change half a set of strings.