View Full Version : Kiwaya KTS-4 question regarding tuning & intonation issue...

10-06-2012, 10:08 AM
Last year I purchased a brand new Kiwaya KTS-4 from a Kiwaya dealer, and loved the instrument from the start. I am not into flashy instruments, prefer mahogany over koa, and like a more 'vintage' sound, without dealing with the issues and high price tag that can come with a real vintage instrument, so the KTS-4 seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

I did notice one thing though that was interesting, and this was irrelevent to the brand or type of string that I strung the uke with. If I tuned the uke to what I guess would be considered 'modern' tuning (G C E A) the intonation was noticeably off, but if I tuned it to the traditional, 'old-school tuning of (A D F# B) the ukulele was intonated perfectly.

I am in the market again for another KTS-4, but am wondering if the old I previously owned was just a mess up, or have others encountered this with this model?