View Full Version : Lanikai showdown: CK-C Concert vs. SZW-T Tenor

10-16-2012, 09:26 AM
Hey all! First day here and, yep, a "which uke should I buy?" thread. That's the problem that we, beginners, always have... so, first of all, sorry for this. I'll try to be more original in my next posts :P

Here's the deal: where I live at (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is really difficult to find some quality ukes. I've been playing a... ahem... "Rodríguez" uke, which is more of a toy than a real musical instrument, TBH, I've been looking for something better and narrowed down my options to this to: a brand new Lanikai CK-C, and a "they say it's new but I'm not so sure" SZW-T. The Concert one is being sold (sp?) from a respectable music house, and it *is* a new one. The other one is being sold by a particular, so no guarantees there.

Being a guitar player for some fifteen years, give or take, I like the idea of having a "somewhat-closer-to-the-guitar" uke, and there's where the SZW-T pays off. But I believe the CK-C is better for a beginner: a sure bet (because of it being new), and no problems with moisture or humidity (which I belive could be an issue with zebrawood); also, the Concert is a little bit lighter and easier to travel with, and that's really something for the kind of life it's gonna have with me (I work in a primary school and teach my students how to use it, and also travel with some frecuency to a nearby beach).

So... enough with the presentation, and... could anyone please help me decide? :P

PS: Oh, the price. The CK-C is a little more expensive than the SZW-T (that's another fact that can raise suspicion, because they're selling the Tenor with a really low profit). Thanks!

10-16-2012, 10:38 PM
First of all, you should choose the ukulele that is better suited to your fingers. IF you are able to try out the SZW-T instore first and everything feels right to you, checking intonation etc. then you should get that. But if it's an online purchase then maybe not. (if you're buying online, I strongly suggest somewhere like HMS since they offer free set up aswell)

Seeing as how you do a lot of traveling and let kids play it, why don't you buy a laminate mahogany from Lanikai or Kala? I guess I'm only saying that because of personal experience with my expensive instruments LOL
The good points about getting a laminate mahogany from Kala (I never had experience with Lanikai's one) is that it's cheaper than either of the ukuleles that you're buying (I'm assuming), it still sounds nice (in my opinion) and it's more sturdy since it's laminate. Just a suggestion.

10-16-2012, 11:39 PM
Thanks for the reply, Bao. You're right about the mahogany option, but there aren't so many options here, either. I hope that today or tomorrow I would be able to try for a good amount of time the SZW-T to see how does it get along with me, as you were saying. The CK-C felt really good, it was a nice experience being able to test for a few minutes.

I guess it comes down to the Concert one being a solid 8 or 9 (10 neon the ideal one), but for now, the Tenor is not so sure of a bet: it could be a 6, it could be a 10 (gotta see how difficult for me is to give it the right humidity, check every little aspect at the the of buying it, being that it had a little bit of previous use, and such).

Thanks again for the help!

10-17-2012, 12:21 AM
Use your guitarists judgement....listen, feel, probably only one of them will "sing" to you. Don't worry about which size is best for beginners, only which size is best for you. You will quickly be an "advanced"uker with your guitar background and sooner (more than likely) or later, you will want one that sings even better.

10-21-2012, 08:12 AM
You're right about that, Phil. Thanks for the reply.

Finally I've decided for the CK-C, and it's a fine instrument, indeed. I guess it's what I was looking for…

Ill see if I eventually record some video to show it's nice sound. See ya!