View Full Version : Caveat - Kala Spruce Top Tenors....

10-21-2012, 09:12 PM
Just thought I would pass on experience with Kala spruce top tenors. I am a fairly agressive strummer, and I have my strumming nails "done" i.e. coated with acrylic. I have an older gloss finish Kala ST tenor with mahogany sides, no electrics, no cutaway. Bright sound....and no problem with wear. I bought another one with pickup/cutaway from an overseas dealer recently, and was pleased to find it has a satin finish, which prefer to gloss. Apparently, satin has just been introduced for these ukes.

However, after not-so-much playing, I found that I had worn the finish and damaged the top through strumming. Seems the satin Kala use isn't nearly as tough as the gloss. No suprise, I guess....but other satin ukes I own have not suffered the same fate. Now touching up the damage and will use protective film over where I seem to hit it.