View Full Version : Took delivery of a Kala Pacific Wood this morning

10-24-2012, 09:59 AM
It's chuffing marvellous this one. Lovely and rustic to look at, sounds great and was cheap as chips (as far as recent spends have been...) at 120. I won an auction on eBay and it's knocked down as it's a return. I can see why, as there's a couple of scratches on the top which you can see if you bend over backwards in dim light and your left eye squinted, and a soundhole with a few rough edges. But otherwise it's top notch.

It's a laminate, which put me off at first but I went and bought it anyway because I wanted a decent tenor-sized uke with a pickup for gigs. Certainly not regretting it.

Here's some piccies:




And I just did a short burst of Memphis Tennessee, which has been engraved into my brain for the past 3 months.


10-24-2012, 10:13 AM
I got a thing for kala ukes myself, this one is very nice and sounds good too. Nice one mate!

10-24-2012, 10:30 AM
Awesome lookin uke. Love the dark streaks!

10-24-2012, 11:30 AM
Congrats on the new uke.

10-24-2012, 12:36 PM
Good for you for being so clever! It's a great-looking uke; I love the non-symmetry of the grain, and it sounds good when you play it. Walnut is a nice change from koa and mahogany.

10-24-2012, 01:01 PM
Beautiful grain! I love it!

10-24-2012, 02:45 PM
Very nice! I was REALLY tempted by a similar one HMS has on sale http://www.theukulelesite.com/kala-ka-pwt-pacific-walnut-tenor.html

I'm really loving the pacific walnut ukes, so gorgeous.