View Full Version : Samick Corsair MCR 1

10-25-2012, 02:33 PM

After missing out on a solid mahogay U Bass on ebay that went for $225..........Arrrrrgggghhhh...I swear he ended it early....I'd have paid more.

I resumed my search for a Samick Corsair MCR 1 34" bass guitar...I stumbled on one during a Google search at a music store for $114.99 shipped....slightly used. Have to re-do some research. Not many of them out there and the few places that list them are "out of stock." I understand they are sensitive to different strings, now I have to figure out which ones are best, worth the trouble to upgrade pups, pot(s), etc. or just leave it alone.
It arrived and is a substantial little thing. Kind of like a Kala solid body bass uke with steel strings.
Snagged a new Gator 38" gig bag for it on ebay for $15.45 - Too big. a 3/4 size electric guitar gig bag would fit better.

Picked up a Peavey BA112 for my learning amp. Queried D'Addario about such short scale strings. They recommended the following:

D'Addario Bright Round Wound EXL 160S, Nickel Wound Medium Gauge, short scale .050 .070 .085 .105