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11-03-2012, 05:53 AM
This Pineapple Sunday (PS) was built for me by Koaloha a couple of years ago, and it is in like-new condition. It comes in a tweed case, and also includes a Herco humidifier. I am asking $1,025 via PayPal, which includes insured UPS shipping within the CONUS. Compare this to the price of $1,369 for a new PS at Hawaii Music Supply (http://www.theukulelesite.com/koaloha-signature-series-pineapple-sunday.html).

This is a beautiful solid koa instrument, as you can see in the photos below. It has a tenor neck with a pineapple-shaped, concert body. I replaced the original strings with Fremont Black Lines (my favorites), which look really good against the koa. This PS was built after Koaloha had abandoned the laser-etched lines, so it has the beveled lines across the soundboard; this is a plus, in my opinion.

This ukulele comes with the Koaloha "Better Than the Weather" guarantee: they will fix or replace the ukulele if it has wood movement or craftsmanship issues. I can verify their guarantee works; I purchased my original Pineapple Sunday from MGM, and the neck developed a twist; I sent it back to Koaloha and, after trying to fix the twist, they built a new PS (this one) for me. It has played true since that time.

I am selling my PS for two reasons: 1) I bought a Koaloha soprano about the same time as the PS, and the soprano has become my instrument of choice; so, I hardly ever play the PS. 2) I am assisting my son with his rent while he is in tech school, and selling this will help pay that expense.

Here (http://SoundsOfDoveCreek.com/PineappleSunday/Pineapple%20Sunday.mp3) is a short audio sample of me playing this ukulele. You can see and hear someone play a PS much better than I can at Hawaii Music Supply (http://www.theukulelesite.com/koaloha-signature-series-pineapple-sunday.html).

Please let me know if you have any questions!




11-03-2012, 12:07 PM
that is my dream, my someday, hit the jackpot uke! It is beautiful! I have a concert sceptre and I am sure it would love a brother!

11-05-2012, 11:33 PM
if someone picks up my kelii all hawaiian from im all yours but no one is biting daammmmnnnn so tempted

11-10-2012, 03:35 PM
Price reduced to $1,025 with insured shipping in CONUS.

11-13-2012, 12:24 PM
just pm'ed you about your sunday

11-13-2012, 03:58 PM
Sold to brianxshin! Thanks!